Ciência Aberta – uma abordagem colaborativa para o processo científico

Open Science – a collaborative approach to the scientific process

This Multimodal/Multilingual Portal for the Advancement of Open Science aims to collaborate with a movement that shares the same name, that is, Open Science, and which consists of “A new approach to the scientific process based on cooperative work and new forms of dissemination knowledge using digital technologies and new collaborative tools […]” (EUROPEAN COMMISSION, 2016 apud BERBER SARDINHA, 2021, p. 3). For some time, this concept has been consolidating itself among researchers in the areas of technology, computing and natural sciences, however, it is still incipient in the area of the humanities. 

In this context, the Multimodal/Multilingual Portal intends to disseminate Open Science in the humanities area, not only sharing research and its results, but also by gathering and making available a set of data (verbal, visual, verb-visual, verb-gestural) so that scholars have access to them and reuse them in new investigations, in different areas. Therefore, this platform is based on the four guiding principles of Open Science: open access, open data, open source and citizen science.

It is believed that, based on these principles, a new scientific paradigm will end up being established for researchers and for society in general, given that open access and availability of data makes relevant information public, which can be explored and reused by interested parties in producing new research on the subjects, as long as ethical and legal issues are protected.

With regard to open source, there is a democratization of the use of technology, reduction of the use of programs without the proper license and access, free of charge, to software and tools, benefiting a greater number of people. With regard to citizen science, the focus is on making research accessible to the general public, bringing society closer to scientists and, consequently, to their respective research.

Faced with the challenges encountered, especially by health professionals, an example of Open Science was witnessed, the effectiveness of cooperation between scientists, through the sharing of data and results for the development of vaccines against Covid-19.

It is concluded, therefore, that Open Science is a movement of scientific progress, which requires a change of culture among researchers and institutions so that trust in science is increased.

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